Fleshlights are the number one bestselling men’s sex toy in the world due to providing sensations that feel almost just like having sex, but Fleshlight Girls take these sensations a little further as they have been designed to be exact replicas of the butts and vaginas of some of the planet’s most famous porn stars.

Just like original fleshlights, Fleshlight Girls have been created to provide lifelike orifices for men to enjoy but are even more true to life in texture, shape, and colour due to being modelled on real women, which means that there are plenty of reasons why men love Fleshlight Girls, and here we share just some of them.

Exclusive textures

These particular male sex toys boast a series of exclusive textures which cannot be found elsewhere, giving the user a whole new experience. All that they need to do is add plenty of lube and turn on their favourite porno to feel like they are part of the action themselves.
With a textured canal to provide unbelievable sensations, Fleshlight Girls are very comfortable to use and feel soft and pleasurable rather than feeling at all synthetic, so they offer a very realistic experience and the chance to indulge in your ultimate fantasies.

Lots of detail

The attention to detail on these toys is what really makes them stand out as they are guaranteed to look just like the real thing based on your favourite porn star. This sets them apart from other fleshlights and is what helps to make them so appealing as with a little bit of imagination it doesn’t need to feel like you are using a sex toy at all.

Patented Superskin material

Fleshlight Girls are made using patented Superskin material which feels very lifelike and provides great sensations. They can also be warmed in water before use to make them feel even more realistic and enjoyable to play with, although some men have said that this has meant that they climax a little too quickly so our advice it to take it easy to ensure the optimum finish.


Men, you don’t need to worry about someone finding your Fleshlight Girl as they come in a discreet pearlescent case which will help to protect it as well as keep it a secret, and their design makes them resemble a torch which can also help to avoid any awkward questions.

Low maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, each one of these incredible toys come with a care and instruction manual so you can be sure that it will provide pleasure for years to come, although you may want to add to your collection if there are a number of girls you have got your eye on. Following these guides is integral in making sure that neither you nor your new favourite toy come to any harm.

With so many reasons why men love Fleshlight Girls it is surely time to see what all the fuss is about for yourself, or buy your partner one for a gift that he will really enjoy.

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