Looking to spice things up in the bedroom or simply searching for ways to have a bit more fun? Sex games are a great option as they add an extra dimension to your sex life which is all about experimenting and mixing things up.

Here are five sex games that you have to try so that you can experience this additional dimension for yourself.

50 Positions Of Bondage Sex Position Cards

Build a fantasy using these bondage sex position cards and compete with your partner to create something amazing using one card from each of the five available categories. With 100,000 possible fantasy combinations this game is one that just keeps on giving!

Alternatively, simply use these cards for inspiration for bondage sex positions that you can try, just make sure that you have all of the necessary equipment to hand before you get started.

Fifty Nights Of Naughtiness Game

Couples looking for ways to spice up their sex life and try out something new will love the 50 Nights Of Naughtiness Game.

The game includes 50 erotic surprises and pleasurable adventures for couples to participate in which fall under five categories: romantic, teasing, sensual, erotic, and kinky – simply roll the dice to see which naughty idea you will be trying out together.

Hump The Game

Learn all about your partner’s libido while they find out about yours in Hump The Game which features a number of questions that you can ask your lover about sex tips.

The first person to answer 10 questions correctly wins in this naughty card game and the winner gets to choose which one of the sex tips to act out, and this can only lead to a night of fun with probably more than one of the tips being tried as there are plenty that are sure to tempt you both.

Lust Game

Quite possibly the naughtiest board game that you will ever play, Lust allows you and your partner to move your pieces around a board and land on spaces which encourage you to share or act out romantic and sexual indulgences.

In addition to this you will earn Love Making Cards as you make your way through the game which you can use to create a great sexual fantasy to try out once the game has been won. It is the job of the winner to collect up the cards and initiate the fantasy that you have both decided on.

Sex Around The House Game

Ever wanted to have sex in every room of your house? This fun game will help you to put this plan into action as it suggests a variety of fun activities and ideas which will get you making love in places that you may have never considered. So it is sure to make you look at your home in a completely different light.

With these sex games and many more to choose from, take a look at the selection that we have available and start to plan your next evening of fun.

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