Sex toys for women are slowly becoming the norm now, but there is still a sense of taboo around sex toys for men which we want to banish so that you can see how much fun you can have with this different range of toys as a couple.

There are a variety of different sex toys for men which can be used to enhance your sex life and give plenty of opportunities to experiment as a couple and see what works for you.


A fleshlight is an artificial vagina or anal sex toy which features a realistic textured sleeve and mimics the feelings created when having vaginal, anal or oral sex to enhance masturbation.

However, this type of sex toy for men can be used as a couple for mutual masturbation during which you can both learn about what each other likes, or by being used on a man by their partner using a number of techniques which offer fantastic sensations.

If the fleshlight is being used to enhance mutual masturbation, you can add dirty talk and plenty of eye contact to the experience to ensure that you are both getting the optimum amount of pleasure from of it.

Alternatively, if the fleshlight is being used to pleasure the male by their partner it feels great as they are being given complete control over speed and rhythms and the toy can be both twisted and rotated for a whole new sensation.

Love ring vibrators

One of the bestselling sex toys for men, love ring vibrators come in a whole range of designs and are created to provide pleasure for both men and women.

The ring is worn on the penis and boosts both its size and hardness plus it helps to improve stamina too. Choosing one with a bullet vibrator attached means that it will provide clitoral stimulation during sex in positions such as girl on top and missionary giving both people extra sensations to enjoy.

Love ring vibrators work best during grinding moves rather than thrusting and are also able to make your sex sessions last longer.

Penis sleeves

For the man who doesn’t want to extend the length of their penis but does want to give their partner something extra in the bedroom, a penis sleeve is the ideal sex toy. Although this particular sext toy does make the penis feel longer and thicker its main intention is not to provide an extension.

Penis sleeves can be bought in a variety of textures which are guaranteed to provide extra pleasure for women during sex, and the friction and tightness caused by the sleeve will increase stimulation for the wearer making it a toy that can please everyone.

With these and so many other sex toys for men that can be used as a couple, why not look at the range we have to offer and pick something that you are excited to try.


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