Fancy adding a unique and personal sex toy to your collection? A willy moulding kit is a great idea as it allows you to create a sex toy that looks exactly like your partner’s wily, which is particularly ideal for those in long distance relationships.
If you would love to give this a try but are unsure of how to get the best results from willy moulding kits, we have some tips that we think you will find very useful.

It’s easier with two

Although willy moulding kits can be used by the man on their own, having the help of a sexy assistant will not only help them to become excited, but means that they don’t need to worry about trying to measure the temperature of water or mixing powder solutions without losing their erection.

Read the instructions first

These kits are always easier to use when you have the whole process in your mind, so ensure that you read through all of the instructions before you get started. You might also want to practice getting the water temperature just right as if it is too warm it can cause the mix to set too quickly.

Enlist the help of a cock ring or penis pump

Maintaining an erection when carrying out a slightly odd activity is not easy for all men, so although a sext assistant can help to keep arousal levels high it is recommended that a cock ring or penis pump is used to give the willy a helping hand in staying hard enough to create a great mould.

Make sure your mould is dry

Having too much water in your willy cloning mould can mean that you will lose some of the detail as the silicone can’t reach all of the nooks and crannies. To avoid this issue, try waiting an extra few hours before pouring in the silicone, and poke a small drain hole into the bottom of the plastic tube which will allow any excess water to escape.

But not too dry

If the mould is left for over 24 hours you risk it drying out which can cause it to shrink or deform, which is definitely not the result that you are aiming for from your willy moulding kit.

Pour the silicone slowly

To avoid getting air bubbles in your silicone mix, leave it to settle for 5-10 minutes before adding it to the mould, and when you are ready to start pouring you should do so in a thin, steady stream from around 8-10 inches above the mould. Air bubbles can also affect how much detail your sex toy has so this tip is pretty important in getting it perfect.
With these tips for how to get the best results from willy moulding kits, you are sure to have plenty of fun and get a great outcome when you try this activity for yourself.

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