Plenty of people have a sex toy or two that they like to use when going solo, but there are not as many people who feel confident using these with someone else even though this can be a fantastic way to enhance sex as a couple.

There’s a wide variety of great sex toys for couples which means that there is likely to be one that you’d be excited to try the next time you have sex, and they will be fun for both people involved so you shouldn’t have to do too much persuading!

One thing that can be a concern is whether your partner will think that you want to enhance your sex life because they are not good enough, but just explain that it is a way for both of you to discover new pleasures and we are sure that you will be able to get them on board. It’s also fun to discuss what you’d like to try and to make sure that you select something that excites you equally.

Simple, inexpensive, and unintimidating, a vibrating bullet is a girl’s best friend, but can be a great sex toy for couples too. As well as giving amazing clitoral stimulation a bullet can also be rolled up and down the penis shaft, and used for anal stimulation too, making it ideal for beginners.

A vibrating bullet is also fantastic for foreplay as it can be used over the top of your underwear and to tease each part of your body by your partner before it ends up where you really want it.

If the thought of lengthening your sex sessions excites you both, a cock ring is a great choice for you as it restricts blood flow to the penis which boosts its size and how hard it is, plus this particular toy is available in so many styles, colours, and sizes that it may be that you end up with a small collection!

Not only does this result in longer lasting sex, but it also means that the two of you will benefit from added stimulation, especially if you choose a vibrating design or one with a bullet.

For couples who get turned on at the thought of either losing or gaining control, look no further than the love egg. This sex toy provides internal stimulation for women but comes with a remote control so the power can be put into their partner’s hands.

Love eggs can come with a wire which makes them ideal for the bedroom, but some are wireless which means that the pleasure can be taken into the outside world which truly heightens the excitement.

With these great sex toys for couples available for you to play with together, you have no reason to hold back from introducing something new into the bedroom, you may even have more fun that you expect.

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