Role play offers an exciting break from normality and allows you to act out those fantasies that you may have been keeping to yourself. Plus pretending to be someone else can really help you to completely relax and forget about those stresses of everyday life that might otherwise hold you back.

If you’re looking for something to spice up your sex life, of just want to try something a bit different with your partner, you may want to consider a bit of role play to add a new dimension to your usual bedroom antics.

A great idea for couples who have been together for a long time, or those who need to gain a bit of confidence through acting like they are someone else, these five exciting role play ideas offer a fantastic place to get started.

Role play a perfect stranger

Let your eyes meet across a bar and allow the role play to continue from there as you pretend to meet each other for the first time. Dress to impress, flirt outrageously, or play hard to get if you think that will work better!

You can either be yourself or embrace a new character, but keep this as a surprise so it increases the mystery and excitement before you begin.

Perform a lapdance

Take the power into your hands by treating your partner to a teasing lapdance as you pretend to be a lapdancer for the night. Nothing will boost your confidence more than making them aroused while they can’t touch you, and you can even include a striptease down to some sexy new lingerie for added pleasure.

Pick a uniform

Role plays including a profession which requires the individual to wear a uniform are very popular due to many people having fantasies around these kinds of outfits.

Think policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses and pilots to get your creative juices flowing and then act out a situation where you’re not being professional at all…

Release your inner porn star

If you want to completely eradicate all of your inhibitions in the bedroom then a porn star role play is the one for you. No other role play will give you the opportunity to go wild like this one will, and it is highly likely that you will have the confidence to do, and ask for, things that you never thought you would.

Including a video camera is of course optional, just make sure you’re both in agreement before you get going.

Be a sexy secretary

Perhaps the most famous role play of them all, put on those black rimmed glasses and high heels and get into trouble with your “boss”. Or turn it around so that the secretary gets to be dominant for a change, whichever way suits you best is sure to have the desired effect.

So the next time you feel like doing something different, take your pick from these exciting role play ideas and we guarantee you’ll have plenty of fun.

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