Since the books and films were launched 50 Shades of Grey has been an inspiration in many people’s sex lives, and plenty of others may wish that they could have the confidence to try and recreate some of the story but are not quite sure where to start.
Here are our tips for bringing 50 Shades of Grey into your bedroom which we hope will add something new and exciting into your sex life.

Indulge in some luxury

You may not be able to afford the luxuries that Christian Grey can but there are definitely items which you could invest in before your 50 Shades role play which will make the whole thing feel far more luxurious.
For example, splash out on your favourite food and wine, treat yourself to some new lingerie, invest in some gorgeous smelling scented candles, and perhaps buy each other small gifts too.

Sign a contract

Just like in the books you too can have your own contract which outlines exactly what you will be doing, want you want to have done to you, and any other conditions that you can think off which add a bit of excitement.
Make sex the priority and don’t pay too much attention to the minor details as a little spontaneity can make these role plays even more adventurous.

Prepare the bedroom

Make sure that you have everything you need ready in the bedroom before you get started so that you do not have to interrupt your 50 Shades experience to run off and fetch something from a different room.
We advise that you collect your favourite sex toys, lube, bondage gear, erotic literature and porn together as you just never know what you might want to reach for in the heat of the moment.


Re-enacting scenes for 50 Shades of Grey is all about experimenting and trying new things. If you don’t feel confident to begin with, try blindfolding your partner so you feel less like you are under a spotlight and this might help you to relax and do things that you wouldn’t normally do but have always wanted to try.

Be safe

Anastasia had a safe word in the 50 Shades series and you should too as it would really ruin the moment if something were to get out of hand and you were unable to express this quickly. Choose a word that you would only use if you really meant it so that it doesn’t get said accidentally when things begin to get intense.

In addition to this, make sure that you only use sex toys in the way that they are supposed to be used to avoid any unwanted and awkward trips to A&E, and only partake in these kind of activities with someone that your trust and can be honest with in case it doesn’t work out exactly as planned.

Need further inspiration? Take a look at our range of 50 Shades of Grey bedroom treats and we are sure that you will find something there that intrigues you.

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